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Image by Nathan Anderson

Regulation Thermometry

A safe, accurate & non-invasive whole-body assessment.

Regulation Thermometry is an innovative and non-invasive diagnostic technology used in integrative and functional medicine. It provides valuable insights into the body's regulatory processes and its ability to adapt to various stressors. During a Regulation Thermometry session, a special sensor is placed on the skin to measure temperature variations at over 100 specific points. This data is then analyzed to assess the functioning of various physiological systems, including the autonomic nervous system and organ function. Regulation Thermometry assists healthcare practitioners in identifying potential imbalances and underlying health issues, allowing for a targeted and holistic approach to wellness and treatment. It is valued for its ability to provide early indications of health concerns and support personalized, patient-centered care in Integrative Medicine practices.

Infrared measurements of skin temperatures from 100 -120 body points are taken before and after exposure to ambient room temperature. Regulation Thermometry measures the differences between the two temperatures and then compares this data to a database of healthy patients and reveals deviations that identify patterns of dysfunction. 


  • Excellent first step in patient care

  • Gain insight into the underlying causes of  disease

  • Catches diagnostic criteria clearly

  • Provides empirical data to evaluate treatment efficacy when tracked over time

  • Non-toxic and non-invasive

How it Works

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