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Restore balance to the fascial system through myofascial release and muscular rehabilitation.

The pelvic floor serves crucial roles in supporting pelvic organs, controlling bowel and bladder functions, and enhancing sexual satisfaction.  The "UN-HAPPY" Pelvis is a concept that underscores the cumulative impact of trauma on the pelvis, such as seen in a fall, injury, or persistent poor posture. This trauma can have far-reaching effects on the fascial system (casings of muscle groups and fibers), manifesting as pain, limitations in motion, reduced flexibility, and an impaired ability to withstand stress, incontinence, and pain with sex.  The essence of Pelvicology lies in its capacity to restore balance to the fascial system through myofascial release and muscular rehabilitation.


Lesley Arbour M.S., R.N.

Lesley Arbour is a highly experienced nurse with over 40 years in the field. In 1985, she pioneered the first Certification Program for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Lesley emphasizes effective and compassionate communication with her clients, tailoring treatments to their individual pelvic health needs. She has a 36-year track record in private practice, specializing in Chronic Pain, Women's Health, and Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction. Her expertise extends to behavioral medicine, perineometry, biofeedback for pelvic musculature disorders, and sexual dysfunction. Lesley is also a master therapist in Myofascial Release, using this and other techniques in her pelvic floor work.

  • - Endometriosis

  • - Bladder issues such as prolapse, interstitial cystitis, chronic urinary tract infections

  • - Sexual Pain (painful intercourse, inability to orgasm)

  • - Pain (pelvis, low back, coccyx)

  • - Prenatal & Postpartum Care, including episiotomy

  • - Chronic Constipation, bowel incontinence

  • - Mastectomy Scars

  • - Trauma-Related Disorder

Pelvic Health Conditions Treated

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